Consulting Fees & Payments

We have different categories to our design, development and consultancy provision. We know that ‘one cap does not fit all', hence, from the singular to the more complex scenario.

*Please make sure that you complete a booking form first and in receipt of a booking confirmation before making any online payments.

* Bookings can only be confirmed on the first reciept and approval of booking forms.

Bespoke Course Packages - Prices
Gold Base Gold Premium Silver Base Silver Premium Bronze  Base Bronze Premium
from £2,400 from £3,200 from £1,300 from £1,750 from £1,200 from £920.00

*fees per participant

Bespoke Consulting Packages
Solo Consulting Combination Consulting Premium Consulting
            from £2,400           from £2,900             from £4,800

*fees per organisation

Use any of contact details below to speak to us further concerning the availability of courses / consulting and pricings: 






We appreciate your interest in our Course and Consulting Provision.

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