What we do

We design/provide a range of services from UI/UX and webdesign right down to Employability, Learning & Development and Consulting. 

IT, UI/UX and Website Services

Our IT Services offers quality, professional and ongoing support which  ranges from UI/UX,  Web Design and Support to IT training in office IT systems software e.g Office Suite (PC and Mac) and G-Suite. Whether you are looking to provide training to a newly upgraded office IT system for your staff or simply upskilling, we can help.

Workforce Development & Training

We offer a range of training development services for businesses, which will be tailored towards your needs. From onboarding strategies for new employees, upskilling of existing employees or even introducing/reviewing your company's Learning and Development approach, our professional teams will work with you to provide you with a suitable and relevant HR solution. 


Or maybe you are an NGO and looking at designing and delivering Women and Youth Empowerment programmes for greater independene and 'sense of worth' amongst your clients, we can also help you with this.

Professional Development

We have significant experience of designing and tailoring careers support and upskilling/bespoke delivery to match the needs of your corporate and general company staff, in addition to providing Coaching & Mentoring support to senior and junior level management.


Our services are designed to ensure that individuals/staff are aware of the available developmental possibilities and oppportunities and how they can keep up to date with what is going on within their specific specialisms.


Our consulting is delivered by qualified and experienced professionals within the field and as part of our consulting we also provide Project Management Support 


Our consulting spans over a range of aspects from Business Management to Learning and Development. We typically provide a mixed approach to help you/your organisation as our project consulting in six main areas that we consult on  are fully customisable to suit your exact needs (made up of a mixture of consultancy training and technology). 

Project Management & NGO

Our experience has shown us that there are some key essentials that need to be a part of the very structure of project management (private, public and NGO's), hence our professionals make sure that: we keep things applicable and easy to rectify, are management process is fully participatory, project team are accurately and timely informed (valid and current project information) and customerised to best suit its invovled individuals and environment.


Our project team have a wealth of experience, ensuring that project milestones are met and also that 'eventualities' are built into the project structures and processes accordingly from project onset, avoiding any surprises.

HR Training & Development

We provide HR training & development (including consulting) within three main areas which are crucial to the function of any HR provision. 


Our HR specialists team have many years of experience within the different functionalities within HR e.g. recruitment, contracts, training, business partnering, outsourcing etc. Working alongside you are team help you clearly establish your HR function by getting back/staying 'on track' in line with your company's strategy.






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