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Our Latest News: January 2018

News updates - We have now a new payment system in place, enabling our clients a greater flexibility carrying out online transactions:

  1. New direct consulting/trainingonline payment system e.g. paypal and debit/credit card payments.
  2. Fully supported online *course online cancellation which does not require a phone call.
  3. Ad hoc pay as you go web design support e.g. pay-as-you-go.

Subject to booking and cancellation terms and conditions.


Jan. 2016 - 17

Branched into overseas ventures, seeking international collaboration e.g. China, Asia, the Middle-East and Africa focusing on specialist areas: 

  1. Specialist Educational Needs focusing on Autism.
  2. Social Enterprise and Women Empowerment.
  3. Curriculum Design in Vocational and Post-16 Education.

Jul. 2015:

Corporate Training for:


  1. L&D Strategising, supporting business change.
  2. Social Media Strategies for business change.
  3. Corporate Personal and Professional Development.
  4. Talent hiring/training.
  5. Train the Trainer.
  6. Effective Management & Leadership Skills.

Aug. 2014:

QuiSec took on further and new Business Development tools and Solutions, further expanding it's specialist provision.

In support of next year's upcoming International Women's Day 2019, QuiSec Consulting will be once again using its own hashtag #TalentLiesNOTinGender to bring an awareness to the issue of #BalanceforBetter theme.


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