Non Attendance Policy

1.  Definition of Non-attendance


For the purposes of this policy ‘non-attendance’ means failing to attend a course on which you have made a booking without first cancelling your place.

Cancellations should be made 48 hours before the event unless otherwise stated in your confirmation of booking email.


2.  Awareness of non-attendance charge


Participants are advised in their ‘confirmation of a booking’ and ‘reminder of your booking’ email that a charge will be levied for non-attendance without cancellation of their place 48 hours prior to the event. clients have been made aware that this policy is to be implemented from November 2016.

3.  Process for non-attendance charge


From November 1st 2016 the first time that a participant does not attend;

  1. The client / individual responsibile for training, will receive an email from the Director of the Training and Consulting alerting them to the charge and why it is being made
  2. The client / participant/s concerned will be cc-d in on this email for information.


4.  Non-attendance cost


When a participant / client fails to attend a course without cancelling their place a charge will be calculated at the cost of £50 per hour (for each concerned individual/s for the length of the event).

5.  Non-attendance through illness


Discretion will be used in regard to non-attendance through illness and confirmation that sick leave was taken will be sought from line managers or supervisors, accompanied by medical evidence e.g. company self-certification or a doctors medical certificate.

Questions about this policy


Any queries in reference to this policy should be made via in the first instance.






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